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I provide copywriting and editing services to individuals and businesses worldwide. My projects cover a broad range of industries, skills and approaches: from finance and business to health and beauty to technology and social media—and many more.

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I went through the document, and it is remarkable, accurate and very educational. I truly enjoyed reading it. I made a few corrections, but other than that it was phenomenal.

Sebrena Child, Founder, Crystal Clear Insurance Services, Westchester, Illinois

Nadia did her job really fast and quite well! I couldn’t help but notice her high level of professionalism and responsibility for the task assigned to her. I would definitely hire her again!

Natalie Soloviova, Content Manager, Softorino

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About Me

Hello, my name is Nadia Musumeci and I am a freelance copywriter.

Creativity, accuracy, and passion is what defines my work.

I speak three languages and I know that nuances matter.

I adapt my style to suit every job and provide copy that delivers results.