My Journey To Copywriting – Prologue Finding Your Talent

Everyone has a talent: if you cannot see yours, look harder

I’ve never had a dream job. Either because I was one of those few lucky kids not haunted by the infamous what-do-you-want-to-be question, or – more likely – because I didn’t show any special talent during my childhood.

A hard-working student first, a thorough professional later, working out for fun, and reading before sleep. That’s it. That’s me. No extraordinary IQ score, no exceptional physical qualities, no remarkable passion to nurture.

For years I considered writing a hobby (personal journals anyone?). It was a nice spare-time activity which gave my thoughts an order and helped carrying me through messy times.

However, following an unexpected deep and enduring quarter-life crisis, I needed to shed light on what I really cared about and reconsider my priorities. After a honest self-analysis, it turned out that I was indeed good at something: words.

Writing was, is, and forever will (be) the sole activity that comes so natural to me. So natural it sparks my creativity. So natural I don’t feel the time fly when inking or typing. So natural I am never tired of it.

The decision was made: I’d have given it a try. But where do you start from when you have no idea whatsoever of what “writing for a living” means?

Published by Nadia Musumeci

Copywriter. Millennial. Expat. And a lot of questions.

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