What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020

Disclaimer: I thought a lot about whether to publish this post. Reason is, people don’t like “negative vibes”. More so, people don’t like negative vibes online. The Internet shall be a timeless, happy place, and you better keep your pity party private if you want to conquer it. Well, I don’t strive to conquer anything. IContinue reading “What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020”

My Journey To Copywriting – Chapter IV Behind The Scenes (I): The Tricks Of The Trade

After months of thinking and getting ready, I had finally come to a decision: going freelance was the way. Everybody knew about it by then, and I was already tapping any existing freelancing platform on earth to look for clients. Sounds great, right? Yes, but. Have you ever wondered how do you set up a (copywriting) freelance business? Which steps do you take to make your solopreneurial leapContinue reading “My Journey To Copywriting – Chapter IV Behind The Scenes (I): The Tricks Of The Trade”

Going Back: The 5 Stages Of Expats Homecoming

We all agree: Summer 2020 was weird. I have already babbled enough about what this pandemic summer taught me, and I will leave it at that. But be it customary or atypical, summer means only one thing for expats: homecoming. Now, no matter what type of expat you are, homecoming is always a big deal.  Trust me:Continue reading “Going Back: The 5 Stages Of Expats Homecoming”

6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me

So this is it. Summer is over. Actually, this fool year’s weird summer is over. Did it feel a non-summer for you too? But I am sad, nonetheless.  As a heavily sun-dependent soul, autumn is a real pain for me. Just to give you a flavour of my uneasiness, I start feeling gloomy in early August. This year’s moodiness was even worseContinue reading “6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me”

The Joy And Pain Of Being An Expat – Part I

Being an expat is great. You see the world, meet new people, jaw-drop at weird customs, and enjoy unprecedented freedom. But “expat mode” is not a preset feature of your personality: you need to get used to it. Here is everything I wish I knew before moving abroad. Some of the things I will discussContinue reading “The Joy And Pain Of Being An Expat – Part I”

My Impostor Syndrome And How I Have (Not) Overcome It

Hello, my name is Nadia and I suffer from impostor syndrome. Impostor syndrome is a psychological phenomenon first identified in 1978. The name reflects a belief that you are inadequate, incompetent, and “fake”. Everything you have achieved in life is due to “external factors” and not to your skills and commitment. You go through lifeContinue reading “My Impostor Syndrome And How I Have (Not) Overcome It”

My Journey To Copywriting – Chapter III Finding (Freelance) Work

Making up your mind: done. Learning the ropes: done. Building an online presence: done. I was ready to rock! Yeah, but… How? I realised that pursuing a new career and starting a new career is not exactly the same thing. Think about it: a functioning oven, a soft dough, and tasty toppings don’t make pizza.Continue reading “My Journey To Copywriting – Chapter III Finding (Freelance) Work”

29 Things You Understand By Age 29

I have recently turned 29. Just saying it gives me chills. That got even worse after reading that “Those under 25 no longer want to be compared to millennials.” Excuse me?! But don’t worry guys, you will get there. Time is relentless, you know. So what better way to celebrate an otherwise unremarkable birthday, thanContinue reading “29 Things You Understand By Age 29”

8 Types Of Expats You Meet Abroad

When I moved to Brussels, my foreignness was obvious. I looked daunted and lost in such a big and completely unknown city. Moreover, I couldn’t understand the language. And if you are about to say something like “How come you didn’t understand it? Italian (my mother tongue) and French (one of Belgium’s official languages) are sister languages!” youContinue reading “8 Types Of Expats You Meet Abroad”

What I Learnt From Changing Career In My Late Twenties

Changing career is never easy. It doesn’t matter whether you experience Sunday night blues on a regular basis – that anxiety you feel on Sunday when thinking about the impending work week – or how many telltale signs you need a career makeover you can tick off. The majority of people simply settle for aContinue reading “What I Learnt From Changing Career In My Late Twenties”