20 Books To Say Goodbye To 2020

Whether you will spend your Christmas holidays alone or within your restricted household, this year’s celebrations are not as festive as they used to be. No wonder you feel depressed and fed up already. But don’t panic, I have got the solution! Here is a list of 20 books that will keep you busy whileContinue reading “20 Books To Say Goodbye To 2020”

What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020

Disclaimer: I thought a lot about whether to publish this post. Reason is, people don’t like “negative vibes”. More so, people don’t like negative vibes online. The Internet shall be a timeless, happy place, and you better keep your pity party private if you want to conquer it. Well, I don’t strive to conquer anything. IContinue reading “What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020”