The Joy And Pain Of Being An Expat – Part I

Being an expat is great. You see the world, meet new people, jaw-drop at weird customs, and enjoy unprecedented freedom. But “expat mode” is not a preset feature of your personality: you need to get used to it. Here is everything I wish I knew before moving abroad. Some of the things I will discussContinue reading “The Joy And Pain Of Being An Expat – Part I”

Thought Of The Day: Non-native Longing

English Version I’m not a jealous person. In fact, I am. But not a nasty one, I mean. I’m more the self-deprecating type. I do enjoy others’ success: I’m genuinely happy when they make it big. I just fall in the comparison trap, and I always come out a bit bruised. But I can liveContinue reading “Thought Of The Day: Non-native Longing”