How Long?

ES (Original) Y Cuánto Vive? Cuánto vive el hombre, por fin? Vive mil días o uno solo? Una semana o varios siglos? Por cuánto tiempo muere el hombre? Qué quiere decir “Para Siempre”? Preocupado por este asuntome dediqué a aclarar las cosas. Busqué a los sabios sacerdotes,los esperé después del rito,los aceché cuando salíana visitarContinue reading “How Long?”

My 3-Step Guide To Stay Afloat During Uncertain Times

Dear Reader, I am having a rough period. And if you are one of the 7bn humans on this beautiful planet, you can probably relate. I am away from my loved ones, with a loooong winter ahead of me, and amid a global pandemic – while struggling with its devastating social and economic impact.  InsultContinue reading “My 3-Step Guide To Stay Afloat During Uncertain Times”

29 Things You Understand By Age 29

I have recently turned 29. Just saying it gives me chills. That got even worse after reading that “Those under 25 no longer want to be compared to millennials.” Excuse me?! But don’t worry guys, you will get there. Time is relentless, you know. So what better way to celebrate an otherwise unremarkable birthday, thanContinue reading “29 Things You Understand By Age 29”