What my neighbouring sandwich shop owner taught me about endurance

Today I am going to tell you a story. Prologue I have been living in my rented studio for five years now (jeez). Despite the predictable disadvantages of a one-room flat – especially when someone stays over for more than 24 hours – I love this accommodation. It’s my place. And as for any relationship involving affection, I embraceContinue reading “What my neighbouring sandwich shop owner taught me about endurance”

Expats vs. Migrants: Is There Any Difference?

Have you ever thought about living abroad? Have you ever dropped everything, packed your stuff, and just left? Was it a necessity or the desire to experience an unconventional life?  During my seven years abroad, I have long wondered what moving in a foreign country means. What being a foreigner means. Why some of them are called “expats”Continue reading “Expats vs. Migrants: Is There Any Difference?”