What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020

Disclaimer: I thought a lot about whether to publish this post. Reason is, people don’t like “negative vibes”. More so, people don’t like negative vibes online. The Internet shall be a timeless, happy place, and you better keep your pity party private if you want to conquer it. Well, I don’t strive to conquer anything. IContinue reading “What it’s like to be a Millennial in 2020”

29 Things You Understand By Age 29

I have recently turned 29. Just saying it gives me chills. That got even worse after reading that “Those under 25 no longer want to be compared to millennials.” Excuse me?! But don’t worry guys, you will get there. Time is relentless, you know. So what better way to celebrate an otherwise unremarkable birthday, thanContinue reading “29 Things You Understand By Age 29”

Quarter-Life Crisis: What Is And How To Deal With It

If you ended up reading this post there are high chances you are a millennial (roughly defined as someone born between 1981 and 1996, but actually much much more) struggling in his or her journey to adulthood. This is my personal and definitely down-to-earth definition of what the Macmillan Dictionary suggests as a quarter-life crisis:Continue reading “Quarter-Life Crisis: What Is And How To Deal With It”