How Long?

ES (Original) Y Cuánto Vive? Cuánto vive el hombre, por fin? Vive mil días o uno solo? Una semana o varios siglos? Por cuánto tiempo muere el hombre? Qué quiere decir “Para Siempre”? Preocupado por este asuntome dediqué a aclarar las cosas. Busqué a los sabios sacerdotes,los esperé después del rito,los aceché cuando salíana visitarContinue reading “How Long?”

My 3-Step Guide To Stay Afloat During Uncertain Times

Dear Reader, I am having a rough period. And if you are one of the 7bn humans on this beautiful planet, you can probably relate. I am away from my loved ones, with a loooong winter ahead of me, and amid a global pandemic – while struggling with its devastating social and economic impact.  InsultContinue reading “My 3-Step Guide To Stay Afloat During Uncertain Times”

6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me

So this is it. Summer is over. Actually, this fool year’s weird summer is over. Did it feel a non-summer for you too? But I am sad, nonetheless.  As a heavily sun-dependent soul, autumn is a real pain for me. Just to give you a flavour of my uneasiness, I start feeling gloomy in early August. This year’s moodiness was even worseContinue reading “6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me”

5 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Me About Being An Expat

When massive lockdowns were declared, expats split into two groups: the ones who stayed in their host country, and those who got onto repatriation flights to rejoin their homeland. As a representative of the first group – I decided to enjoy my lockdown in a Belgian studio 3000 km away from my birthplace – IContinue reading “5 Lessons The Pandemic Taught Me About Being An Expat”