Going Back: The 5 Stages Of Expats Homecoming

We all agree: Summer 2020 was weird. I have already babbled enough about what this pandemic summer taught me, and I will leave it at that. But be it customary or atypical, summer means only one thing for expats: homecoming. Now, no matter what type of expat you are, homecoming is always a big deal.  Trust me:Continue reading “Going Back: The 5 Stages Of Expats Homecoming”

6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me

So this is it. Summer is over. Actually, this fool year’s weird summer is over. Did it feel a non-summer for you too? But I am sad, nonetheless.  As a heavily sun-dependent soul, autumn is a real pain for me. Just to give you a flavour of my uneasiness, I start feeling gloomy in early August. This year’s moodiness was even worseContinue reading “6 Brutal Truths This Pandemic Summer Told Me”